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May 09, 2020 Rohan Arote Season 4 Episode 1
Mr Brainy Rohan
Show Notes

Millennials is the first episode of the season 4 of The Rohan Arote Show.

In this episode, Rohan talks around millennials and how are their areas of life? 

The Population of Millennials and Generation Z amounts to half of the earth total population.  And that is not the only reason why they are one of the most talked or discussed generations. It is also because this generation has seen everything I believe. They have experienced massive instability as well as uncertainty at home as well as at work. This generation is breaking all the rules and customs which previous generations have played down for them. A study on millennials highlighted that the millennials don’t trust and have faith in the ways and processes designed by their preceding generations.

On the other front, the millennials are also marked as the most unsatisfied generation due to the ever-changing economy and ways of doing things. Check it for yourself if you are a millennial. You might have done a task recently with which you might not be very happy because you figured out later that the task could have had done in a much more efficient and productive way. And this is a constant behaviour at work as well as at home. And that is why they value experiences than just satisfying themselves materialistic things. They feel more the experiences they have the more they can do things in different ways and also create an impact in societies.

So to know more about the millennials and who are millennials:

1. We looked into a lot of surveys

2. Interviewed some Millennials (Of which we have handpicked to make it a sensibly casual episode)

3. And while doing all this we figured out the key areas of the life of the Millennials. And they are

- Career & Profession

- Relationship

- Life and Emotions

- Money

- Lifestyle & Health

- Spiritual

The entire episode of Millennials revolves around these areas of life. We also have clippings of the millennials we interviewed. And here is what we have come up with. Listen to the episode now!

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